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Seat Ibiza SC FR

The choice of car is crucial when teaching people to drive. Too big and pupils are intimidated by the size and worried about the manoeuvres etc.

Too small and there can be situations where the pupil is compromised by larger vehicles and the feeling of being vulnerable.

The Seat Ibiza is just right, not too big and not too small!


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is the body appointed by the government to be responsible for driver and vehicle testing.

All instructors need to be approved by the DVSA to accept payment for driving lessons and are checked for the quality of tuition.


Pass Plus offers the opportunity to look at areas of driving not necessarily available before taking the Driving Test.  

Motorways, fast dual carriageways and night driving are all covered by Pass Plus.   

Don’t let the thought of hill starts and changing gears stand in your way, learn to drive in an Automatic!

Don’t let worries about the clutch and gears hold you back…drive Automatic!

Lesson Prices
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Theory Test Pro in partnership with Godinton Automatic Driving Tuition

We have a very limited lesson availability at the moment, unfortunately we are not able to offer evenings or weekends.

But we may be able to help with daytime lessons after 10:00am.

Please telephone 01233 641924.

              Or text: 07941 578224.